William Cruz


I am a customer-service-oriented real estate agent who helps home buyers and sellers here in Hawaii. If you're looking for an agent with patience, perseverance, and a passion for helping people, you've just found him!

I moved from the East Coast to the Pacific a few years ago, and it gave me a chance to "reboot" my life and my career. I chose real estate as a career path, because it allows me to use the customer service skills I acquired during both my 4 years in the Navy and 8 years in the government for the Department of Defense. It also gives me a chance to serve the community I love. I've always been interested in real estate from the moment I bought my first investment property at age 21, and now I'm fortunate enough to do it for a living. Buying or selling a home can be exciting. But it can also be stressful. It's particularly stressful for first-timers and those who have a short timeline or simply PCSing into a new location. I know this firsthand. That's why I work extra hard to keep my clients informed, and to make the process as smooth as possible.

When I'm not helping my clients, I enjoy the beach, hiking or any outdoor activity. My true passions in life are my Fiancée Kimberly, and our kids Liam, Sophie and our youngest Brennon. I also donate my time by volunteering at my daughter’s school events.

If you have any questions about my real estate services, or what I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you!