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William Ahana


EXPERIENCE: 40+ years (1979), 400 + sales (buyers and sellers). condos, townhomes, single family dwellings, vacant land, small apt bldgs. mainland and foreign clients, 1031 exchanges.

EDUCATION: Iolani School, Amherst College, U of Hawaii, U of So California (Bach/Architecture)

INTERESTS: Health and Fitness, beginning guitar, karaoke, learning Spanish, learning Japanese.

LIFE MOTTOS: Live the Golden Rule--treat clients how I myself would like to be treated--with honesty and respect. Live and let live. Life is wonderful and it's great to be alive!

DESIGNATIONS: Realtor, Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) Realtor Emeritus (40 yrs service).


What my clients are saying...

Dear Willie, This is a belated note of appreciation for your relentless dedication to helping me with my real estate transactions. As you know so well, I planned to sell income property that I had on Kauai and exchange it for income property on Oahu. This plan was timed so the property purchased on Oahu would be someplace my husband and I could move to if we decide to downsize when we retire, which is a just a few years away. As it turned out, this plan turned out to be one where I sold two pieces of property on Kauai and exchanged them for two condos on Oahu, both of which are not only in reputable condominiums, but wonderfully located as well, thanks to your diligence in helping me find the ‘right’ places. This took us about eight months to complete. Your patience, your network of colleagues (attorney, Exchange House,” mortgage expert, property manager), and your attention to every detail in this complex transaction really helped make the entire process enjoyable and quite a learning experience for me as well. The huge bonus for me is that I was able to carry out the plan so the timing of it would coincide with retirement. I was able to avoid large capital gain taxes because of the 1031 real estate exchange law and will continue to postpone paying this tax if we do move into one of the condos at retirement. If any of your current and future clientele or considering a similar plan, I would recommend you as the person to help them. Thank you again and hope to see you soon. Sincerely,  (seller, buyer in 1031 exchange)

— Virginia V. (seller, buyer in 1031 exchange)

Providing well-organized & personalized file with lots of extra info about each (of the) properties. Every time we went to take a look a property Willie bought me brownies and ice cream (because they are my favorite). He informed me about everything and I could rely on (trust him) 100%. He made this selling process very easy for me.

— Sakura O. (seller, buyer)