Tom Austin


I began my entrepreneurial career at age six selling strawberries and peanuts from my family's Florida farm. I played and worked hard throughout my early years, in sports and in scholarship, graduating with High Honors and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Florida. Following my interest in anatomy and the human body, I honed my work ethic in Medical School at Duke University and in my subsequent Medical Career as a Diagnostic Radiologist for 41 years.

I have basked in the "Aloha" of Hawaii for the past 33 years (my children were born on the "Big Island"), and have resided on every major Hawaiian Island. I have friends and business contacts on all the islands, but am partial to the pace and beauty of Kauai.

Utilizing my professional training in problem solving and my experience in real estate as both a "customer" (39 personal transactions prior to becoming a realtor) and a professional (consistently a Top Producer), I understand what clients want and need in the course of real estate transactions and inherently recognize and understand well-priced properties.

Working non-stop for whatever my clients need, whenever they need it, I consistently accomplish the goals my clients and I have set; and the satisfaction of a job well-done is my best reward.



$995k | Hanalei | Learn More About this Property

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