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Sylvie’s passion for real estate began when she was searching for her own home. After speaking with several realtors, she realized how important it was to have someone who was knowledgeable about the market and who would work on her behalf to find her the home of her dreams. Consequently, this resulted in her unique and personalized approach to the real estate business.
Sylvie is committed to providing her clients with the highest quality of representation and personal empathy and attention. What this means to you is that whether you are buying or selling, you will have a real estate professional who will work tirelessly and ethically on your behalf.
Having to work with her own budget, she knows how important it is to help her clients get good value for their money. In addition, her sellers appreciate that she is focused on helping them not only set the proper pricing but also deliver individualized marketing strategies that fit their property.
Also as an investor in real estate, Sylvie has participated in several projects including full renovations of older residences and bringing them back to the market successfully. Thus, she can help her investor clients visualize the possibilities.
Personally, Sylvie was born in Quebec and speaks both French and English fluently. As a long time Hawaii resident, she enjoys surfing, hiking, organic gardening and is an avid pet lover. She will guide you to the hidden beaches and trails of Oahu as well as the best pet care providers on the isle.
Knowing that building and maintaining relationships is so important today, Sylvie is looking forward to working with you to introduce you and your family to the communities and lifestyle that only Hawaii offers.


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