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Susan Fox


Long story short... We originally moved to Maui in January 1984, sight unseen, we had never been here before. Our friends had vacationed here many times and we loved watching the videos. Being native Californians we loved the beach and the ocean. We decided right after we were married July 1, 1983 that it was time for a major lifestyle change. So one day after a rough day at work I said to Ted let's sell everything and move to Maui... ha-ha. About two weeks later Ted came home one night and told me I had a great idea, let's move to Maui. Ted has always been a workaholic of sorts and knew we would never have time to enjoy our life together unless we made a major change. Low and behold we moved to Maui January 1984, committed to one year and agreed if after one year we didn't like it and weren't happy we would move back to the mainland... needless to say we fell in love with Maui and can't imagine living anywhere else.

Susan and Ted have worked together as a team for over 37 years establishing and operating many successful businesses. Their combined experience, communication skills, and organizational abilities have proven to be the backbone of their success. Helping others achieve their dreams is their number one goal!

Susan Fox is the CEO of Fox Foundation, has been licensed in Real Estate since 1987, is a Broker and holds the prestigious Realtor designations ABR, CRS, ePro, GRI, RSPS, SFR. & SRS. Currently holds the position of Director of the Maalaea Community Association in Maui, Hawaii. Susan, along with Ted, has successfully owned and operated several hair and retail centers. She has served on the board of the Orange County Cosmetology Association and the Orange County Hair Fashion Committee.

Dr. Ted Fox is the founder of Fox Foundation. Ted has his Ph.D. in Business Psychology. He has successfully owned and operated several businesses, including a refrigeration company, children's clothing store, and several hair and retail centers. He has served on the board of many prestigious organizations, including co-chairman of Governor Reagan's Early Childhood Education Committee for the state of California.

Susan and Ted have been married for over 32 years. Their many successes in life have afforded them their dream lifestyle of living a semi-retired life on the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii. Although they have family on the mainland and visit often, the spirit of Aloha is woven into their hearts. They spend their free time enjoying each others company, strolling hand-in-hand along the white sandy beaches collecting seashells, and lounging on their lanai watching the breathtaking sunsets fade into the dark skies above while listening to the roaring sounds of the ocean waves crash against the rocks below.

This life . . . could be yours too. Let Susan and Ted help you see it, so you can believe it, and then achieve it.

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