Pauline sheng

Pauline T Sheng


Pauline Sheng was born and raised in Wuhan, China, where her father and mother were both professors and instructors at the Nanchang Aeronautical Engineering Institute. Pauline earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Jiangxi University in Jiangxi Province, China.

After graduation, she became a travel agent with China International Travel Service, the largest agency in China with branch offices in every province, and in many countries overseas. In order to better serve her international customers, she studied Japanese language and culture for two years at the Japan-China Language Institute in Osaka.

Pauline fell in love with Hawaii’s beauty during her first visit to the islands in 1992. She subsequently moved to O‘ahu in 1995, where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Hawai‘i Pacific University. Pauline worked as a Passenger Service Representative for Japan Airlines, an IT Help Desk Representative for Castle Medical Center, and an IT Specialist for the State of Hawai‘i, where she successfully led the configuration and deployment of multiple IT projects.

Over the years, Pauline’s long-standing relationships with Chinese travel agencies and authorities, as well as her multicultural, multilingual background and travel experience has established her as a trusted travel consultant for people in Hawai‘i, Chinese travel companies, and government agencies. She enjoys helping people with their travel needs and sharing her knowledge of the islands.

Pauline believes that Chinese language and culture will play an important global role in the future, which inspired her to start her own Mandarin tutoring service. In her leisure time, Pauline enjoys reading, writing blogs, traveling, and she loves to play with electronic gadgets.

She is fluent in English and Mandarin and is able to read and speak Japanese.

Pauline出生于中国的武汉。她的父母均曾是南昌航空工业学院的教授和讲师。在取得大学英语语言文学学士学位后,她就职于中国最大的旅游机构 - 中国国际旅行社,成为英语翻译和导游。为了更有效地服务客户,她在日本大阪的日中语言学院学习了两年日语及日本文化。她精通汉语和英语,并能够听说读日文。


Pauline 多年以来一直和中国国内的旅行社及政府管理机构的同行保持联系。她具有的文化背景,职业素养,旅游知识和多语言能力使她成为无论是夏威夷本地人,还是中国旅行社同行及政府机构朋友都充分信赖的服务代理。她每年不仅带领夏威夷的客人去中国观光,同时也为来自中国的客人及朋友安排来美的旅行。



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