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Mitch Stauffer


Mitch is a Big Island resident living in Kona for over 25 years.

Mitch has owned and operated several businesses in the tourism industry in Kona and Alaska.

As one of Kona’s renowned boat captains Mitch has operated various diving, snorkeling and fishing tours meeting many new friends from many places over the years.

Growing up on the mainland in the midwest, Colorado and California he saw his parent’s real estate and brokerage businesses thrive and change with the times.

He built his first home in Kona at the age of 26 on the slopes of Hualalai. Mitch now resides in the Keauhou area of the North Kona district.

Sharing his love for the people and natural environment of these islands is the foundation of his life here.

Having a vision of aloha and supporting a true agenda to preserve the ocean and the land will always be a priority. Helping others live a meaningful island life is his definition of the Hawaiian way.

Mitch attended Buena High School in Ventura California.

He is a journeyman carpenter receiving a commercial building trades certification from the University of Hawaii through the Hawaii Carpenters Union.

He also earned his Ocean Vessel Operations Certification from Harbor Maritime College and holds a 100 ton masters of oceans with endorsements.