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Michael Haley


I have a background in fine art and teaching. I have a passion to create. Making music, paintings, and drawings in my free time is essential to my heart. I love to cook new dishes with locally sourced ingredients, many from my own yard. I also have been brewing kombucha for a decade and have loved using fresh jungle fruits to craft tasty varieties of this 2000-year-old tea.

I spend as much time as possible outdoors and enjoy gardening, growing fruits and vegetable trees, fragrant flowers, and making soil.

I am passionate about conservation and strive to leave the smallest possible environmental impact.

I have an FAA Drone operators license and run a business called Island Life Drones. Having enjoyed helping clients capture stunning aerial footage of their homes, land, and estates.

Creating a special experience for sellers to showcase their properties from an encompassing vantage point through photos, videos, 3D tours, and a custom website. This process allows buyers to really get a sense of what living on the Big Island feels like. And through these unique perspectives, a sense of place, a feeling of home.

I love motivating, encouraging, and helping people. Through listing presentations or home searches, I’d love to work for you.