Micah Grafsgaard


My passion is helping people. I listen, I take notes, and then I go out day and night looking for your next home or finding your buyer. I specialize in buyers, sellers, military and luxury. Let's grab coffee, lunch or a wave!

Previous to Hawaii Life, I started a little company back in Minnesota, went to school for business, graduated (aren't you proud of me?!), bought a motorcycle on eBay, flew down to Texas to pick up said motorcycle, rode it back to Minnesota without crashing, filled up my passport, survived life with four sister (yes I said FOUR), shark dove in South Africa (survived that too), threw away my thick jacket, kissed my mom on the cheek, said peace out to Minnesota and bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii.

In my free time I surf, hike, scuba dive, search for waterfalls, cliff jump, ride my motorcycle and walk our dog Blu. For updated market information, like me on Facebook and get in touch, I'm always looking to make new friends!

P.S. You should know...my job is the most exciting thing to me and I LOVE my Hawaii Life.

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What my clients are saying...

"Micah was absolutely a dream to work with! We were working with him remotely most of the time, from 4500 miles away. You could tell he really took notes on what we wanted/didn't want and his communication with us was both regular and thorough. I don't think there was ever a time when I emailed him when I didn't have a response within a couple of hours at the most (usually a couple of minutes) and we were 6 hours different from him. We also changed our mind ALOT--including which island we wanted to live on. We changed from Oahu to Kauai and he didn't miss a beat. We also changed from house to condo and increased our budget considerably (not due to anything he convinced us to do, but just because we could). He never seemed frustrated at all the work he had previously put in and continued to show us new properties as they became available. Once we met him in person, we were even more impressed. Always professional and you can tell he knows what he's doing. Highly recommend!"

— Shannan + Brent B.


"AWESOME job, Micah!! Truly, he has a passion at being a realtor. Great personality and someone you can trust and rely on to assist you all the way to the end. He shows care and concern when he feels something is not right. He will research and identify the problem to get it resolved quickly until every rock is uncovered. He is always available for questioning at anytime, so hurry up and call him now, if you have annnny questions! GREAT JOB MICAH!"

— Terrence + Megumi E.