Linda McCormick


I’ve had so many different iterations of a curious life that it’s tough to decide where to begin with my Life’s Story. So, in the interest of time, because I know you have questions, here is my condensed Twitter Bio version:

Born in LA, attended five different universities, gathered modicum of degrees, taught elementary school, raised two boys, started residential design company, was Business Professor in Spain, moved to MAUI, sales agent for HAWAII LIFE.

I am originally from Los Angeles, California where I was trained in both the arts and business. As owner of my own company, IDI by Design, I designed, marketed and sold residential investment properties in California. Collecting lessons learned from my design and business experiences, I taught a series of classes on Design Marketing at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona, Spain. What an amazing experience: combining great art, architecture, and design with new people, language and culture.

I have a passion for travel, and as an early empty nester I decided to move to Europe, teaching and painting there for the rest of my life. I suppose California school lessons on Father Junipero Serra (Spain) and his crusade to save early California heathens, lead me to explore Spain’s riches. I loved my Spanish adventure, but after eight years I decided to move to Conde Nast Traveler´s number one island in the world, Maui.

The more I travel the more I realize it’s an extremely small world. The Spanish even say: “El mundo es un pañuelo,” The world is a handkerchief. So today, I believe that you have found a spot on my handkerchief; how can I help you with your real estate needs?

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