Lena Stroheker


I was snatched up by Maui Jim Sunglasses and moved to Maui after finishing a 2 year contract with a private equity group in Lake Tahoe. Quickly I fell in love with the island. Once my contract ended I packed up a single pair of clothes, a one man tent, and a sleeping bag and set off on my 2,650 mile journey, by foot, down the Pacific Crest Trail, walking from Canada to Mexico. When I finished all I could think is I want to go home: I want to go back to Maui. So I started brainstorming jobs and landed on real estate agent. Why? Because I believe in the product.

There truly is no better place on earth than Maui! I have traveled to 12 different countries, lived in 4 of them, and I can say with pride that Maui will forever be my home. Not only is Maui one of the healthiest and safest places to raise children, it offers a sanctuary for retirees to enjoy their well-earned time and bask in the sunshine, and creates an infinite playground for motivated young professionals to explore a creative and active lifestyle. There is something here for everyone.

Just like Maui Jim Sunglasses polarization and quality I believe in Maui home's quality. Both bring infinite happiness.

Please contact me if you are interested in touring the island and seeing how the aloha lifestyle could become your own.

Let me do the hard work so you can sit back, relax, and become part of one of the most incredible communities in the world.

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