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Lena Devery



After another bitterly cold Canadian winter, I moved to Maui the spring of 1999. I soon landed a dream job at the Maui Ocean Center that enabled me to use my biology degree and SCUBA accreditations.

As I explored my new island home, I noticed the aquarium’s inhabitants doing the same in their new environments. I watched each animal take its time to seek out a home on the reef with just the right conditions, the right view and the right neighbors. Whether it was the peacock razor wrasse settling a particularly sandy spot, the Hawaiian domino damsel actively defending its territory or an anemone hermit crab rearranging its anemones and finding the perfect shell; each little creature had found their own little section to call home.

Just as out on the coral reef where individuals live harmoniously with the ocean, a strong neighborhood leads to a strong community. I believe a great way to accomplish this is by saying “hello” to your neighbors and through volunteer work. I am an active member of the PTSA and a troop co-leader for the Girl Scouts of America.

With the ocean and the mountains at your doorstep, I’m convinced it is possible to live large in a small space on Maui. I’m drawn to indoor/outdoor living to absorb all of our island’s beauty, which is why I love gardening and interior design. After our two daughters reached school age, I became a REALTOR(S) and began working with my REALTOR(B) husband, Harry “Dev” Devery. I strive to match our clients’ wishes and lifestyles with the property that will become their personal refuge.