LeAnn Auerbach


Growing up, I was born in Oregon, raised in Germany and across too many states in the U.S. to count. Each move became an adventure and instilled in me a passion for new experiences via new homes. Over the past 25 years, my husband and I have bought, remodeled, and sold 7 properties across all 4 of the western-most United States while raising our two children. For our most recent home in Maunawili, I took on the responsibilities of General Contractor as an owner/builder armed with the culmination of years of experience from our previous home projects. While it was a labor of love, this ultimately was a fabulous opportunity to heighten my real estate experience and knowledge.

The Hawaiian word and meaning of “Pono” resounds in me, wherein all is good, all is right and all is hopeful. In addition to my energetic commitment to clients’ requests and requirements, I am steadfast in my honor and integrity and in my goal to highlight best-practices of agency; to put the interests of my clients above all.

As my daughter, Anna Barrett, shares my passion for real estate it was natural to forge a professional union together. Anna’s and my partnership brings a unique mix of expertise for today’s sophisticated buyers and sellers, offering not only representation with strong negotiation skills, impeccable communication, and integrity, but also dynamic mixed media marketing. Together, we bring double the skills, double the attention and double the enthusiasm to our clients!

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What my clients are saying...

For anyone moving to Hawaii and looking to purchase a property, I highly recommend LeAnn Auerbach and Anna Barrett. Their honesty, thoroughness, professionalism, and above all, their kindness left a great impression on me as I went through the homebuying process. As a servicemember, it was also great to know that LeAnn comes from a career U.S. Air Force family so she understands what military life is like. Her excellence is unmatched! LeAnn and Anna really had my best interests in mind and never hesitated to provide their honest feedback. I am so grateful for having been able to work with them. I promise they will take care of you the way they took care of me.

— Andrew L.

Thank you for being the most amazing realtors and friends. We arrived in Hawaii not know anything about different locations and you took such good and patient care of us. Thank you for finding us the perfect home. You are both angels!

— Elizabeth