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What is your Why!

Why do we get up in the morning, why do we go to work, why do eat the foods we eat and why do make the choices that we make every single day?

These are the important questions we must know the answers to because without understanding why we make the choices we do, we are simply monotone in our lives. Imagine having a complete understanding of yourself, your motivation, and also possessing the ability to live your life as a creator instead of simply existing. For me, this is the foundation of my existence. I understand my why and it drives me to the finish line each and every day.

My name is Kim Licata and my Why are my children. I am a Palo Alto California transplant of 15 years and I incorporate the hustle and driven mentality of Silicon Valley to my work ethic here in the Islands. I believe Real Estate is so much more than a purchase or an acquisition. It is an incredible opportunity that breathes life into ideas and dreams for many individuals. It is neither biased nor prejudiced. And with the right market education & guidance from an experienced agent, and with a little time and patience I believe the experience can belong to anyone, regardless of upbringing, race, creed or color.

I understand that the sale is a kick off to new beginnings. It may be the starter home for a new family, the first property in a growing investment portfolio, the liquidation of an estate as a landmark to close a chapter of one’s life and begin anew. It is a smart investment. And when navigated by an experienced agent that possesses drive and determination, it is simplified and exciting! It is a lifestyle that ignites pride and wealth and is a process that when properly executed by innovative professionals with a firm grasp of values can be life changing.

This is my belief about real estate. I assist my Clientele in their portfolio’s because my belief system is deeply rooted in service to others. I strive to perform my business tasks (and interactions with my exceptional Team) with precision, alertness and humility. I am quick to admit when I am new to knowledge and this propels me into new information. My two beautiful children are my Why. They are dynamic, magnetic, funny and they are the reason I wake before the sun each day. It is my dedication to providing them with a memorable and quality childhood that drives me to provide the same memorable and quality experience for my Clients.

My commitment to my health, my community, my mental wellness and my desire to live each day with Aloha in my heart is my Why. I believe that a unified experience is the exact formula that gets results, creates lasting and memorable experiences and I believe that laughter can break down the most difficult barriers.

I am excited to assist you with your Real Estate experience! First because I have worked hard over my 15 years here in the Islands to build my Hawaii Life, and most importantly I can’t wait to help you build yours!

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