Karina Vedder


As a member of the Ben Welborn & Tiffany Spencer Hawaii Life team on Kauai, I
am responsible for marketing listings and transaction management assistance. I
help make sure we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. Not only do I like my job - I
love it! I have a great degree of control and freedom within my position, both in
and out of the office. Ben and Tiffany entrust me to produce high-quality work
and top results for our team.

Since I grew up within 2-blocks of the beach in Southern California, I developed a
deep love and affinity for the ocean. I spent my afternoons playing at Mother's
Beach and summers in Junior Lifeguards. Then in 2008, I moved to Florida with
my husband Sam to be closer to his family. Sam and I enjoyed vacationing in
places like the Florida Keys, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. We love
the warm island lifestyle so much that we moved to Kauai in 2014.

I started working with Ben & Tiffany in 2017, so I had my eye on the market every
day. It took two years, but in 2019 I finally found the perfect home for Sam & me -
a 1935 plantation home here on Kauai. Although this was our third home
purchase, it was also the most complicated. With Ben & Tiffany leading, we
made it through a 105-day escrow!

Before getting my Real Estate License, I held positions as a Graphic Designer,
Social Media Marketer, & Web Developer - where I have over 26 years of
experience. I earned a Certificate in Graphic Design/Web Development at Platt
College School of Graphic Design in 1996 and a Bachelor of Science in
Mathematics at the University of Central Florida in 2013. I also taught Middle
School mathematics for several years and still enjoy tutoring my prior students.
I am so happy with our decision to move to Kauai. When not working, I spend
much of my time improving upon our new home and garden. I enjoy all the
delicious food & fun outdoor activities that Kauai offers, especially mangoes,
avocados, bodyboarding, snorkeling, and beach walks.