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Kalei Pasciuta


Born and raised on the big island of Hawaii Kalei grew up embracing the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle. Passed down through her family she loves cultural practices such as Hula, surfing, fishing and farming. After graduating from UH Manoa she worked in the travel industry developing her passion for working with people. Traveling the world and exploring different cultures gave her a new understanding and appreciation for Hawaii.

Kalei found real estate as the perfect way to incorporate her passion for people and her love for Hawaii. When asked why she wanted to pursue real estate

" I love connecting with people and hearing about other peoples life experiences, you get a true sense of who they are. A home is where you rest your heart and I enjoy helping people find that special place."

With a passion for people and an innate ability to bring things into fruition Kalei will help find a home for you to live out your Hawaii dreams.