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Julayna Smith


I didn't realize I had grown up in such a “destination” until I moved away for the first time after high school. The conversation was always similar, I’d say “I’m from Maui” and get the response “What! Why did you leave?” I thought it was completely normal to go to the beach and hike to swim in tropical waterfalls whenever desired.

After exploring the world for a few years, I settled my roots back into Maui. I was born and raised upcountry and now live down the street from the house I grew up in. As an avid traveler, I strive to experience new places as often as possible. When I'm home, I enjoy spending time at the beach with my Fiancé, Mark, and dog, Rue. My passions include baking, reading, hiking and exploring all the natural wonders this island has to offer.

Whether your looking for the perfect home to spend your retirement or wanting to raise your children in a place full of waterfalls, Let me help you find the perfect place so you too can live in this beautiful destination.