Jim Meuer


I’ve spent 13 of my 17 years as a real estate professional here in Hawai‘i. I attended the Milwaukee School of Engineering, the University of Wisconsin, and the DeVry Institute of Technology before obtaining my real estate license in California in 1993. I’ve never looked back! Throughout those years, I’ve closed well over 100 successful transactions for my clients.

I specialize in property valuation, marketing, graphic design, statistical analysis and relocation. With Hawai‘i Life’s design-forward and tech-savvy approach to the business, I’m excited to apply my marketing and design expertise. I’m formerly the founder of Meuer Consulting, a company that designed tech products, computer systems and software. My clients were banks, airlines, defense, video games, and robotics companies. We also offered web optimization and design services.

Over the years, I’ve been an app developer, a Congressional candidate, a real estate investor, and president of a web optimization and sales firm. I’ve taught technology and marketing courses to others, and I’ve even been a meditation instructor. I’ve come a long way from the small farming community where I grew up in Wisconsin!

I learned a lot about working differently with different personalities in my web design and optimization business. The same is true when I was consulting and designing products for many different companies. Teaching also broadened my ability to explain complex concepts simply to people. I bring all of these proficiencies to my real estate practice here in Hawai‘i.

My most significant accomplishments in the real estate industry including holding a board position on the East O‘ahu Regional Board of Realtors; teaching classes to agents and brokers; developing software and apps to simplify and improve the real estate sale experiences.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I moved to Orange County at age 19 to design androids for amusement parks.

  • Living in Palm Springs in 1996, I ran for Congress against Sonny Bono.

    What I Love Most About Real Estate:

    I’ve always loved fixing up and flipping houses since my early 20's. I also enjoyed designing home automation systems and other innovative systems for homes. I initially got my license to buy and sell my own investment properties. I really love using technology and the web to design innovative methods and presentations to showcase and sell properties.

    I love to invent and innovate! I love to tackle problems and challenges! I live to go where no Realtor has gone before!

    No pressure! I keep you front and center in the decision-making process, so you have control over the purchase or sale of your home. I will provide all the information and advice you need to make those decisions, but will never dictate what to do.

    Please feel free to contact me thorugh any of my social media channels, or by phone at (808) 342-8727, or via email at jimmeuer@hawaiilife.com.


  • Aloha,

    What my clients are saying...

    Kept me calm with positive outlook during all phases of all transactions Very easy going, easy to work with and helped me to understand complicated paperwork.

    — LG

    Over the years, I've purchased over a dozen homes, and I've run the gamut in terms of real estate agent competence. I don't think I've dealt with any agent, however, whose level of competence, knowledge of the market, and dedication to the customer has exceeded Jim Meuer's.

    — SR