Greg Mebel


My wife Maria and I came to Maui from Aspen, Colorado to fulfill a dream of living (for a summer) in the Mecca of water sports. I’d just finished 10 years as Publisher of the Aspen Daily News. Of course, “a summer” became 14 months. Then, ‘four years of back and forth between the mountains and islands. Finally, we moved to Maui full-time in 2006.

I started out with vacation rentals. Helping clients take the next step and buy a Maui property became a natural extension. And managing their new investment for them, ‘another logical step. I’d already been buying my own real estate in Aspen and Maui, and so it was gratifying to be able to use some of that experience to help friends and clients with their own transactions. Now, the cycle comes full circle when listing their properties.

Friends old and new have entrusted me with some of their largest transactions, including some of the most high value residential transactions on Maui. But even better - I love to see these people getting after it out on the water and in the mountains, sharing a laugh. It fascinates me how they create a lifestyle that allows them to have time with important people in their lives, be fulfilled and satisfied, and enjoy their natural surroundings. Everyone's algorithm is pretty unique - but the complexity, choices and results never cease to amaze and inspire.

Please, let me know what you’re looking for, so I can help.



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What my clients are saying...

We bought a multi-dwelling property in Paia with Greg as our agent and recommend him in the highest terms. The story begins (as it so often does) with casual browsing on the north shore. Greg showed us a variety of neighborhoods and options and was quick to fill us in with a lot of historical and local detail. After several months we found a property that was a great fit for our family and decided to move forward. Greg was extremely thorough during escrow: he pulled a bunch of historical documents for us, confirmed myriad details with the county, and personally met with, double-checked the work of, and followed up with inspectors, surveyors, etc. Greg also put us in touch with a number of local experts from contractors to architects to short-term rental expediters who consulted with or answered questions for us. He has a deep network. He also has an even keel: we had a bidding situation, a couple of negotiations, and a last minute misunderstanding with the seller that he helped us navigate with clear guidance and a willingness to go to bat for us.

— Fritz Schneider

My house had been on the market for two years, Greg sold it in a few months. Working with him was a pleasure. He kept me updated regularly, and he is very calm and professional. I always felt confident in his ability. He is the only realtor I would recommend.

— Susan Whitman