Dave Futch


As a local Maui resident since 1988, I have developed an extensive knowledge of this beautiful island, it’s diverse climates and topographies, and also of the special types of communities around the island. Pick your lifestyle, and I can take you there. I have a real passion for the ocean, Maui and my family! It was the ocean that brought me here. Growing up in Florida, I acquired a lifelong passion for surfing. My travels took me from Miami to Maui, and also introduced me to my future wife, Andrea. I fell in love with Andrea, then Maui and the rest is history

Our daughter, Sabrina, was born on Maui and has graduated from Haleakala Waldorf School then Seabury Hall and finally, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She immediately found a great position as a Narrative Editor within RIOT Games’ Comic Division and resides in Santa Monica, CA. My wife, Andrea, works in the Early Childhood Department at Haleakala Waldorf School in Kula.

I still make time for active involvement in our Maui community. I have served 12 years as a director on the Haleakala Waldorf School’s Board, chaired and served on their Building and Grounds Committee, and for 15 years, chaired the school's annual Holiday Faire food committee, procuring donations for 2,000 servings of food and drink, setting up the booths and managing 30+ volunteers per event. Even after Sabrina graduated, my support for the kids continued. After chairing the Haleakala Waldorf School’s High School Initiatives Committee for ten years, I am proud to say that the school opened and all of the graduates have gone on to college. This may be my most significant legacy.

I have served as a director on the Board of the Hawaii Association of Realtors, been a member of the Maui Chamber of Commerce, the Board President of the Maui Executives Association, serving also as chair of both, the Membership and Ethics Committees. Meanwhile, for the past 25 years, I have served as the Board President of the Hea’aula Owners Association.

Still a passionate surfer and kitesurfer, I have fallen in love with wing- foiling. I also enjoy playing golf, snowboarding and really enjoy sharing my discoveries. Most of all, I enjoy being Andrea’s husband and Sabrina’s dad. #Gratitude.

My Philosophy:
I honor those individuals who have left a legacy, whether it’s inventing the light bulb or the Theory of Relativity, quantum physics or Velcro. Helping other folks attain the home they’ve always wanted-that’s a pretty good legacy, too.

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What my clients are saying...

Dave is experienced and professional but what sets him apart is his genuine joy and positivity. Buying/selling real estate can often be quite stressful but Dave's guidance kept everything in perspective and moving forward with confidence. I totally recommend Dave!

— Patti Cadiz

This was our family's first time purchasing a home in Maui. We had moved here a year prior from Canada and did not have a lot of knowledge of the process here in Hawaii. Dave helped along every step of the way and made it a stress free and fun process. He is friendly, attentive, professional, knowledgeable and puts his clients needs first. We feel very fortunate that we were able to work with him and we know who we will be calling the next time we are in the market to buy or sell. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Dave is truly lucky! Thanks Dave, we love our new home!

— Chelsea Wilbur & Rob Wells