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Bill Facker

A little bit more about me...

I have no candy coated quips and quotes to share with you ..... no unwarranted crystal ball visions. I do have belief that real estate is, without a doubt, the most solid investment one can make. This belief comes from my experience as a Real Estate Professional who has weathered the recent economic storm and has seen the value of so many types of investment become completely depleted. Once liquid finances are gone, they are gone never to return, but a holding of real property doesn't simply dissipate and fade away. A wise investment in real estate is tangible .. a wise investment in real estate remains intact, weathers the storm, provides enjoyment throughout the ownership, and will be there stronger than ever as our proven economic system and structure show once again we live in an amazingly resilient nation. I believe this.
I also believe there is no place better to invest than the beautiful island of Kauai. What other place on our planet has the richness of natural beauty, the amazingly unique culture, weather that is beyond compare, and an infrastructure only afforded by being in the United States of America? I don't think there is any comparison on Earth. I'm blessed to live here, and many others will tell you the same.
If you believe as I believe, and you want to make a wise investment in your future .. please, contact me. No crystal ball visions ... facts, hard work, integrity, and Belief. That's what I'll bring to the table.
Wishing you Good Health, Happiness, & Prosperity
Bill Facker