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I didn’t always have the life I have today. My weekends weren't always spent hiking waterfalls, surfing waves and cracking open coconuts. Instead I was living a fast-paced SoCal lifestyle. Then one day I took a trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i and my life changed forever. My husband and I came for a 2 week visit. We hiked the volcanos, we swam with the manta rays and we played in the surf. We did every adventure we possibly could. Watching our first Kona sunset together, we realized that something in us was changed. I knew pretty quickly that we had found our forever home in Hawai'i. Life is short, why wait to live it?

Marine mammals are a passion of mine and I worked in ocean education, conservation and animal training after obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Biology in 2007. I am a photographer, outdoor adventurer and creative entrepreneur. I have founded 2 businesses in web design, development and photography. In 2013, I began my career in real estate. You'll often find me drinking a big cup of Kona coffee while working on my lanai. I am constantly looking for new and creative ways to serve my clients. I work on a team with my husband, Michael Haley. We bought our dream home on the Big Island and have the privilege to help others do the same. With our marketing and technology skills we bring innovation and fresh ideas to the Big Island, Hawai'i real estate market. If we can help you buy or sell your home, or even just inspire your life in some little way… then I’ll consider it all a job well done.

I made a big change and moved to Hawai'i in pursuit of more. More days spent outside. More sunsets. More laughing, more swimming and more being. I am not motivated by the rat race to the top. I am motivated by living a life rich in experiences, one that I don't need a vacation from.

Hawai'i Life is my greatest adventure.

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