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Patti Kam understands why so many people want to live here.

Patti Kam, a native Hawaiian born in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Patti moved to New York at the age of 3 and lived first in Flushing and the Glen Cove, Long Island, for almost 12 years. Returning to Honolulu, because her father wanted the family to get back to their roots, she finished school and then moved into the tourism and hospitality business. “Trade Wind Tours was our family gateway to work. My whole family worked there at one time or another. My dad, my aunts, my sister, cousins”. Patti learned about the hotels, and knew the owners.

Transition and change is good. In 1990 Patti moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to get to an even simpler way of life. It was a leap of faith and though she had visited the Big Island many times for both business and pleasure, it was going to prove to be a whole new way of life.

Patti knows why people move here: it’s Hawaii. “But when you’re here and this is your home,” she says, “you’ll discover a whole new pace and outlook on life. It’s truly amazing.” Patti not only helps her clients discover beautiful properties to meet their needs, she also helps them get to know their new community and all the benefits that come with island living. The Big Island is still ‘old Hawaii” and Patti loves it. You have to love what you do and where you do it or you don’t come across as genuine.

New York gave Patti a sense of the world with its broad cultural diversity. “I think it is akin to Hawaii’s Polynesian ‘melting pot’”. Both of Patti’s parents, and four of her grandparents are Hawaiian. “My great grandmothers were pure Hawaiian. The culture is within me and I love to share it”.

Patti epitomizes energy, integrity and hard work in every detail of a real estate transaction and, behind the scenes, there is a fervor of activity to be sure that those details are covered, whether you are purchasing a home or have asked her to sell your home.

“My clients’ goals come first. Everything else is gravy. If you help your clients achieve their goals, you will achieve your own. Always put them first.” .. and putting them first is what she does. Know your product. Know your market. Patti’s loyalty and care to her clients, reward her with the same back to her: Loyalty, care and referrals. Most of her clients are repeat clients. That says a lot in itself.

As a real estate professional, there’s nothing Patti enjoys more than helping her clients understand this unique way of life. Patti’s transition from the tourism and hospitality industry and spending years working in Waikiki, blends well with real estate and, as the natural beauty and purity of the Islands of Hawaii vitalize Patti, she pours that same drive and passion into her real estate career.

You need a real estate agent with integrity who is committed to the lifestyle and to the clients. When Character Counts, count on Patti. I am Hawaii Life!

Recent Sales85/$30.33m

$70k Volcano Jan 2017 (s) $415k Waikoloa Jan 2017 (b) $420k Volcano Jan 2017 (b) $366k Kailua-Kona Dec 2016 (b) $265k Hilo Nov 2016 (b) $285k Keaau Oct 2016 (s) $425k Hilo Oct 2016 (s) $349k Hilo Sep 2016 (b) $265k Volcano Sep 2016 (s) $50k Volcano Sep 2016 (s) (b) $327k Volcano Sep 2016 (b) $320k Volcano Sep 2016 (b) $1.11m Kailua-Kona Sep 2016 (s) $140k Volcano Aug 2016 (s) $172k Volcano Jul 2016 (s) $250k Keaau Jun 2016 (b) $327k Volcano Jun 2016 (s) (b) $345k Hilo Jun 2016 (s) (b) $9,000 Pahoa May 2016 (b) $185k Volcano May 2016 (s) $139k Mountain View May 2016 (s) $325k Pahoa May 2016 (b) $619k Kailua-Kona Apr 2016 (b) $229k Kurtistown Apr 2016 (s) $160k Mountain View Mar 2016 (b) $418k Honolulu Mar 2016 (b) $520k Kailua-Kona Feb 2016 (b) $510k Kailua-Kona Jan 2016 (s) $239k Honomu Dec 2015 (s) (b) $480k Kailua-Kona Dec 2015 (s) $430k Kailua-Kona Nov 2015 (b) $250k Keaau Nov 2015 (b) $420k Papaikou Oct 2015 (b) $300k Mountain View Oct 2015 (b) $20k Keaau Oct 2015 (s) $690k Waipahu Sep 2015 (b) $308k Keaau Aug 2015 (b) $1.05m Kailua-Kona Aug 2015 (b) $390k Hilo Aug 2015 (s) $1.00m Hawaiian Natl Park Aug 2015 (s) $75k Pahoa Aug 2015 (b) $210k Volcano Jul 2015 (s) $259k Volcano Jun 2015 (s) $108k Keaau Jun 2015 (s) $415k Captain Cook May 2015 (b) $374k Kailua-Kona May 2015 (b) $49k Mountain View Apr 2015 (b) $116k Keaau Apr 2015 (s) $140k Mountain View Apr 2015 (s) $510k Kailua-Kona Apr 2015 (b) $547k Waikoloa Apr 2015 (b) $225k Paauilo Mar 2015 (s) $210k Volcano Mar 2015 (s) $8,000 Volcano Mar 2015 (s) $150k Naalehu Mar 2015 (b) $525k Kailua-Kona Feb 2015 (s) $178k Holualoa Feb 2015 (s) $1.10m Waialua Feb 2015 (b) $430k Volcano Jan 2015 (s) $375k Volcano Dec 2014 (s) $185k Holualoa Dec 2014 (s) $5,500 Volcano Dec 2014 (b) $546k Kailua-Kona Dec 2014 (b) $860k Hilo Nov 2014 (b) $30k Kurtistown Oct 2014 (s) $500k Kurtistown Sep 2014 (s) $225k Volcano Sep 2014 (b) $235k Keaau Sep 2014 (b) $205k Kailua-Kona Sep 2014 (b) $209k Hilo Aug 2014 (b) $479k Kailua-Kona Jul 2014 (b) $304k Kamuela Jul 2014 (b) $185k Holualoa Jul 2014 (s) $179k Volcano Jul 2014 (s) $298k Kailua-Kona Jun 2014 (b) $156k Kailua-Kona May 2014 (s) $270k Waikoloa May 2014 (s) $225k Keaau Apr 2014 (b) $383k Pepeekeo Apr 2014 (s) (b) $400k Kurtistown Mar 2014 (b) $412k Hilo Mar 2014 (s) $170k Holualoa Mar 2014 (s) $196k Pahoa Feb 2014 (s) $799k Hakalau Feb 2014 (s) (b) $145k Pahoa Feb 2014 (s)
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Patti Kam

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