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Bringing a successful record of nearly a decade of real estate sales on Maui, Josh Jerman has distinguished himself as both a rising star and industry leader in Hawaii real estate. This should come as no surprise, as he has proven time and time again that the market may change, but ambition never does.

The Josh Jerman team includes two salespeople, Souksamlane Jerman, R(S) and Ilsa Mitchell Jencks, R(S). His team runs like a well-oiled machine. The sales volume and level of service theyâre able to provide is astounding. The Josh Jerman team has adapted to the changes in both the real estate market as well as the industry, by incorporating systems and team members to handle not only short sales and bank-owned inventory (REOs), but also luxury real estate in Wailea and Makena in South Maui.

Raised in Upcountry Maui, Josh attended Baldwin High School before heading to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. There, he graduated cum laude with two bachelor's degrees, one in International Relations of the Asia-Pacific Region and the other in Comparative Religion. He has traveled the world (23 countries and counting), and has lived in Indonesia, Nepal and Scotland. He has hiked to Machu Picchu and to Mount Everest's Base Camp, canoed the Amazon River and swam in the Ganges, trekked in the North Pole and touched the Great Wall of China. Throughout his adventures, Josh developed an appreciation, awareness and respect for all people, an experience that inspired him to give back to his community.

Josh returned to Maui to start his career, and over the years, he has earned a solid reputation for professionalism and personal integrity. His hard work and success has not gone unnoticed. Josh has been recognized by Pacific Business News as one of the âTop 40 Under Fortyâ professionals in the State of Hawaiâi. He was also named one of the Maui Weeklyâs âUnsung Heroesâ of 2010 for his philanthropic endeavors, as well as Person of the Year in 2011. Josh was also honored as the recipient of Maui County's Young Business Person of Year Award for 2012, and was recently listed as one of the Top 100 Realtors in the State of Hawai'i.

Josh's expertise as a broker extends far beyond the four walls of his office in the Wailea Town Center. He serves on the Realtors Association of Maui (RAM) Board of Directors, the Hawai'i Association of Realtors Young Professionals Network and the RAM Education Committee. And when it comes to education, itâs safe to say Josh has the market cornered. As a real estate columnist for the Maui Weekly, he encouraged readers to âAsk Joshâ about a range of issues. In addition, as the founder of the Josh Jerman Foundation and the Josh Jerman Maui Nui Scholarship, he has awarded more than $26,000 to college-bound high school students across Maui County.

If there's one thing to be said about Josh, it's that he is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service, in order to achieve the best results for his clientele.

Recent Sales 61/$48.2m

$228k Kihei Apr 2014 (s) $265k Kihei Apr 2014 (s) (b) $585k Pukalani Mar 2014 (b) $200k Makawao Mar 2014 (s) $2.6m Kihei Mar 2014 (s) $265k Kihei Mar 2014 (s) $779k Wailuku Mar 2014 (b) $270k Kihei Mar 2014 (b) $1.8m Kihei Feb 2014 (b) $730k Makawao Feb 2014 (b) $83k Kula Feb 2014 (b) $750k Hana Feb 2014 (b) $1.5m Kula Jan 2014 (b) $404k Wailuku Jan 2014 (b) $325k Wailuku Jan 2014 (b) $356k Makawao Dec 2013 (s) $544k Kihei Dec 2013 (b) $485k Lahaina Dec 2013 (s) (b) $370k Pukalani Dec 2013 (s) (b) $180k Kihei Nov 2013 (s) (b) $451k Lahaina Nov 2013 (s) (b) $550k Kula Nov 2013 (s) $445k Wailuku Nov 2013 (b) $1.0m Haiku Nov 2013 (s) $180k Wailuku Nov 2013 (s) $280k Wailuku Nov 2013 (b) $305k Kihei Nov 2013 (s) $698k Kihei Nov 2013 (b) $430k Kihei Oct 2013 (s) $215k Kihei Oct 2013 (s) (b) $104k Wailuku Oct 2013 (s) $575k Haiku Oct 2013 (s) $455k Kihei Oct 2013 (s) $835k Wailuku Oct 2013 (s) (b) $1.2m Kihei Sep 2013 (s) $470k Wailuku Sep 2013 (s) $260k Kihei Sep 2013 (b) $526k Kihei Sep 2013 (s) (b) $425k Lahaina Aug 2013 (s) (b) $875k Lahaina Aug 2013 (s) $210k Wailuku Jul 2013 (b) $495k Haiku Jul 2013 (b) $60k Wailuku Jul 2013 (b) $4.2m Lahaina Jul 2013 (b) $462k Kihei Jul 2013 (s) $365k Makawao Jul 2013 (s) $538k Kihei Jul 2013 (s) $409k Kihei Jun 2013 (s) $148k Kihei Jun 2013 (s) $1.1m Lahaina Jun 2013 (b) $195k Lahaina Jun 2013 (s) $687k Kihei Jun 2013 (b) $549k Pukalani May 2013 (b) $639k Kahului May 2013 (s) $300k Haiku May 2013 (b) $530k Haiku May 2013 (b) $650k Pukalani May 2013 (b) $560k Wailuku May 2013 (b) $8.2m Kihei May 2013 (b) $440k Kihei May 2013 (s) $825k Kihei Apr 2013 (s)

Josh Jerman

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