Drink Fresh Coconut Water For Unexpected Benefits (Hint: Save a Monkey From Slavery)

Nature’s Gatorade Why it’s good to drink fresh coconut water: Save the islands by keeping containers and plastic bottles out of our limited landfills and oceans Support local farmers – Vita Coco and Zico are manufactured by Pepsi and Coke! Improve your skin tone and look younger by drinking coconut water or using as an astringent Quench […]

20 Ways to Lose Your Buyer

When it comes to real estate, it’s easy to see how the term “high touch” can have a double meaning. Attorneys, accountants, escrow people, title folks, architects, pest control people, home inspectors, insurance agents, surveyors, contractors, electricians, plumbers, home warranty insurers, engineers, property managers, 1031 exchange accommodators, estate planners, wastewater engineers, even environmental engineers and […]