What is Aloha?

Travelers come to Hawai’i every year to rejuvenate, enjoy the outdoors, relax on the beaches, have fun with many water sports and countless other activities. When these travelers arrive, they begin to hear the word Aloha. What is Aloha? Where does this feeling come from and how can I get some?

4 Fun Facts About Hawaii

Four fun facts about the Hawaiian Islands: 1. Hawaii is the most isolated population center on Earth. 2. Hawaii is the only U.S. state that is permitted to grow coffee commercially. 3. If measured from East to West, Hawaii is the largest state in the country. 4. More than a third of the world’s supply […]

What’s the Value of Your Home?

Check out Hawaii Life’s new home value tool for your free evaluation In my experience, automated comparative market analysis (CMA) systems are oversimplified and cannot take every factor of a particular property into account. No formula can accurately calculate details like the property’s views, proximity to prime surf spots, interior design, finish details, landscaping, etc. […]