Maui Banyan Update: Pool Renovation and Photovoltaic Panel Installation

Aloha everyone who has been following the progress at the Maui Banyan. With lots of projects underway with great results, I just cannot stop loving this place. This great complex has a front office run by the Aston Resorts program. 

So for those of you who would like to have a vacation rental condo and a hands free management company, this is a great choice. You can also manage your own unit or use any number of smaller management companies that also do a great job. See all the Maui Banyan condos for sale.

Maui banyan new pool decking

I like to talk about this property because I think they do a good job of keeping up with what is in the best interest of this complex by maintaining it in top condition. They are not only progressive, but also look for ways to cut costs to the homeowners as well.

Maui Banyan Pool Renovation Update

This property is currently undergoing a complete renovation of the two pool and barbecue areas, which I have talked about in the past. That project is progressing nicely as they are just about done with the lower pool and now moving on to the upper pool.

New Photovoltaic Panel Installation

The main reason for my update status is to make you aware of the new photovoltaic panels they will be installing. When you are researching properties to buy, one thing to look into is maintenance of the building.

This complex has partnered with a firm to install this new green technology to generate electricity for the common areas of the complex. This is not only a green sustainable energy, it is also going to help keep the costs of electricity down, which is a benefit for the owners and guests alike.

This work on the association’s photovoltaic installation has already begun and the lifting of the solar panels onto each rooftop will take place during the week of November 26 – 30. So, please, do try to avoid the complex at that time as there will be large cranes and equipment utilizing the upper parking lot, which will be closed. The timeline to be up and running is by December 20, 2012, which is right around the corner.

Why Choose the Maui Banyan?

You always want to keep you eyes out for complexes such as this that are progressive and keep up with maintenance of the building and grounds. I also like this complex because it is one of the few pet friendly resorts. You must be sure to get permission from the board of directors for your pets first.

Kamaole beach maui banyan 2 bdrm

With Hawaii’s less restrictive travel rules to bring your pet with you, you can now look forward to spending the winters in Maui with your pooch too. With all of these positive features you also have the great location in South Maui, Kihei, right across the street from the well known and popular Kamaole Beach.

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2 Responses to “Maui Banyan Update: Pool Renovation and Photovoltaic Panel Installation”

  1. Ken Molina R(S)
    November 18, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    I don’t believe any other condo complex has installed photovoltaic. They are forward thinking. Great building.

  2. Heidi Farmer, R(S)
    November 18, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    Yes, they are pretty forward thinking, there are a couple of other complexes that have installed and I think some others are looking into it. Great for the environment and lower costs for homeowners.

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