Kauai Rainfall

The Crater of Mt. Waialeale

The Crater of Mt. Waialeale

My mainland friends frequently ask me, “What’s the best month to visit Kauai?” By which they usually mean, “When will I get the most sun and the least rain?” And, after living on Kauai’s north shore for 13 years, I usually tell them,  “You just never know.”

Of course, it’s common knowledge that winter is “rainy season”. But that said, I can recall Junes & Julys when it rained almost every day, and bone-dry Januarys & Februarys. Prolonged and heavy rain events, however, do usually tend to occur from November to March.

Here’s a webpage which shows monthly rainfall data from different locations on Kauai (you’ll have to scroll down a bit on the page.)  One thing to note is that Poipu and the west side get substantially less rainfall (and are correspondingly less lush) than the north shore and mountain areas. So often, if you’re craving sunshine, all it takes is a quick trip down to the beach in Poipu.

For me, though, paradise is the lush greenery of the north shore, especially on those sparkling sunny days when you couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else in the world.


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  1. Katie Minkus, R(B)
    December 3, 2009 at 12:06 am #

    Aloha, Sagar… awesome photo!!! What I love most about the website with the rainfall maps is (of course) the Big Island maps. First of all, they single out Puako, which rules because that’s where our Big Island office is located… but look at the difference between Puako and Hilo precipitation!! Classic. Now you know why I love to live, work and play in Puako… and drive to the other side of the island when I need a bit of wet and cold(er)!!!

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